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 Bassnik doles out the SkitSnacks

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PostSubject: Reeeeeplyyyyyy in da house   Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:28 am

On the whole US election/political situation, some personal ponderings:

I've been wondering whether there is a larger societal/sociological issue at work here, mainly, can nations go through an inverted evolution of the individual kind?

US started out as this benevolent, if a little myopic, giant, based by and large by the most forward and liberal of ideologies available at the time, handcrafted into a nation by some cerebral giants, who selflessly tried to inject as little of their own beliefs into the documents kickstarting the whole nation, namely the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Many of US founding fathers being atheists and deists, rationalists to a man, its remarkable how their intentions have been twisted along the years. But i digress.

The nation started as a creaking, venerable old man, passing sound judgement and sage advice to the world at large, lapsed into middle age, hold-onto-what-you-have-by-the-skin-of-yer-teeth around the time of the Civil War, into late teens while napalm and Agent Orange was flying about in the jungles of South-East Asia, into screaming-at-your-parents pimply faced adolescence during the 80's and 90's and has now devolved firmly into soil-yer-nappies-babehood crying at the lack of that soothing nipple that has been yanked away most rudely by the lack of thought to the ideals that founded the nation.

In truth, i now trust the US just as little as i do Russia. And thats very little. Most Europeans i know feel roughly the same. US has sold out all that made it great, the high horse rearing so majestically even as little as 50 years ago has now been sold for sausage, its entrails polluting the entire world, yet the politicos are still flogging that dead horse for all they are worth in hopes of appearing to still be in charge, as if the special interests and lobbyists haven't owned the saddle and the horse for many many years now. Even mounted on some borrowed wheels from China and Europe, dragged lumberingly forwards by the taxpayers, that horse is starting to smell, and maybe the people need to raise a new colt from some green pasture in the hinterlands of the nation.

Ramblerambleramble Very Happy

From my twisted mind to yours!
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Bassnik doles out the SkitSnacks
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