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PostSubject: Channel Quotes   Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:15 pm

Channel quotes bot listing rendeer

[2] 11(10 Engel 11) anyone adds a mean quote bout me, they die Razz
[3] <&Bassnik> i like helping people do illegal things, gives me a warm buzz
[4] <Gripe> mr_D is a hinthoe! <Mr_Death> That makes you hintpimps? Razz <Engel> if it makes u feel better ho, sure
[6] <Mr_Death> I like to say why have a six pack when you can have the whole keg Razz
[7] <@Sebastian> a draped female is way overdressed
[8] <Gripe> I am the huckleberry finn!
[9] <&Bassnik> i like it when xeno hurts me
[10] <&Gripe> hmm, i wonder what it'd do if i were to go down onna gal after just drinking this stuff :DDDD
[11] <+hempster^> I think I stopped shaving the day I dropped aftershave on my pecker
[12] <hempster^> I'm in a really foul mood <Bassnik> really? no shit ?_? <Bassnik> take it out on me, i can take it Razz <Bassnik> you bag of rancid dna
[13] <&Bassnik> that ain't dildo on my breath, it's beef!
[15]  * Bassnik feels like he's stumbled into a really bad play.  <Bassnik> i'm always the lead Wink
[16] What?should?you?give?after?15?years?of?marriage? <Sebastian> viagra
[17] <&Bassnik> i'm somewhat aroused
[18] <Bassnik> a journalist is just a mortician for the truth Wink
[19] <Gripe> and anyways, obscene is how i roll Wink
[20] <&Bassnik> mother thresa is a cunt <Gripe> That's saint cunt to you bass!
[21] <re> i am homo too! sapiens i mean
[22] <&Bassnik> it's argentinian for SHUT YOUR STINKING PIE HOLE
[23] <@luvya> i was thinking more along the lines of a phallic symbol myself
[24] <Naaldekoker> my dad always says you are just as old as the woman you feel
[25]  <Bassnik> you touch yourself? is that before or after you evicerate a prostitute and rub her blood all over yourself?
[26] Gripe is now known as CocK
[27] 11(12 +Mr_Death 11) Finland belongs to Russia
[28] <Bassnik> we decided not to have kids so we gave birth to a irc trivia channel Wink
[29] <Sebastian> I hate interviews too, the bright light always burns my fair skin....
[30] <Bassnik> i thought i was going to puke up my liver!
[31] <Engel> manager of room? do yer chores! * Gripe sweeps up loki's dandruff <Engel> thats not dandruff, thats dried flakes of tequila
[32] * Engel tickles xeno * Gripe sets xeno's toes on fire * Engel sets gripes hair on fire for being so mean <Sebastian> gets some marshmallows....smores anyone?
[33] * luvya kisses loki's lil me(n)tal head
[34] The?slaughter?of?a?large?number?of?animals. <Sebastian> meatacide
[35] <&Gripe> ? ? ?
[36] * Bassnik wrestles control of the tunes out of engel's twisted hands.
[37] <smooth_criminal> where u from Mr Death? <Mr_Death> Smooth - Hades Razz <smooth_criminal> haha ffs dude ur like everywhere!! <Mr_Death> Mmmyeah! Right below ye Razz
[38] <re> one my friends weights 150 pounds! she still looking her other half..!
[39] 11(10 Bassnik 11) we're like satan's rejects
[40] <re> <&Bassnik> i never left masturbation Wink  here in greece bass we say to man whe he goes to piss. dont hit your dick more than 3 times coze its called mastrurbation. i mnot sure if u can uderstnd the point.it was a joke
[41] <&Bassnik> i never left masturbation Wink
[42] <Mr_Death> Good! *puts money in Bassniks thong*
[43] <Sebastian> !8ball where da fuck is everyone? <Kali> Sebastian, In Minnesota.
[44] <Engel> ummmmmm my apologies all, seems the weekly reset was done 24 hours early.......thats what getting a day off does to me <CrazyLittleFukka> We thought so but we were all too scared to give you crap about it
[45] <+Mr_Death> Shit phone...
[46] <Bassnik> I reckon we should form a synthesis of judiasm and islam. We can call it Jislam!
[47] <Mr_Death> Shoot you hentai yarrou Razz
[48]  <Bassnik> i swear i've heard the windows bootup sound sometimes when you wake up
[49] <Mr_Death> You wanna be my apprentice re? Very Happy I'll teach you everything... about things Razz <re> well if that involves the 42 inches u said before <Bassnik> what? his 42 inch tv?<Mr_Death> No wonder guys feel a certain pressure nowadays ;P
[50] <+Mr_Death> kks... it's got an interesting poop scene Razz
[51] <+Faery> rump <@PRIME_8> anal <&Gripe> hump
[52] <+PRIME_8> stretchmarks are sexy
[53] <+re> +PRIME_8> LOL bass, slowly now-     hmm when am i goint to hear similar words?
[54] <Foxhound5366> Eunuch with mad lesbian skillz
[55] * &Gripe pictures anything whispering "poop" to fox Very Happy <Foxhound5366> It's hawt.
[56] * Mr_Death embraces Bass. * Bassnik embraces Death.
[57] 11(10 Bassnik 11) CLOTHING IS AN ABOMINATION!
[58] <&Gripe> trained for weirdniz
[59] 11(10 Engel 11) my friend goo has a tattoo, on the left cheek of her ass, she puts on a thong, although this is wrong, and sticks it out the window as boys pass
[60] <Engel> this dude gripe, what an asswipe, bragged about his tickets, told him where to stickit, now he knows better than to snipe
[61] 11(10 +re 11) a journalist now i m thinkin is man that his left hand knows exactly what his wright hand do....
[62] <re> <+Mr_Death> Ah, now I feel like a cockstar xD
[63] 11(10 Gripe 11) proud cuckoo land
[64] <~Engel> it was good sneeze
[65] <&Bassnik> arnie bomarney malarny <&Bassnik> blipity bloo!
[66] <+GooGooNutz> i have my nipple protection on...bring it on
[67] <&Bassnik> i'm ghei for gripe's nipples!
[68] <+re> can u give me your brain some? so i can say too that some day in the past i was the most fast sperm in the night bass
[69] 11(10 +Prime-8 11) hey baby, wanna play armies... i'll lay down and you can blow the hell outta me
[70]  <+Prime-8> I hate all this terrorist business. I used to love the days when you could look at an unattended bag on the train or bus and think "I'm fucking having that!"
[71] <re> <+Desperado> I have a smoke, do you have a lighter? hmmmm sybersex! sounds like i have a dick do u have a pussy?
[72] 11(10 +Prime-8 11) what's the similarity between Star Trek and toilet paper?11 (10 +Prime-8 11) they both circle Uranus looking for Klingons
[73] <~Engel> i will come, giggling
[74]  <&nixielix> i once had conviction, but it stole my shoes and fled to mexico
[75]  <&nixielix> the more i drank the better i thank
[76] <Bassnik> Can you imagine Jesus in a threesome? You wouldn't know where to look!
[77] <Bassnik> I was dead once. It was like surfing in fresh custard.
[78] <Prime-8> I lost my virginity to george michaels <Gripe> Was he gentle?
[79] * +Mr_Death redecorates Engels apartment with padded walls
[80] <~Engel> no more made up quotes, its so desperate!!!!
[81] <&Bassnik> john the baptist was a rapist
[82]  <+Prime-8> hey jesus, how big was that fish you caught?
[83] * +Prime-8 checks his anus
[84] <+Mr_Death> OMG realdolls???
[85] <~Engel> i warn u now, u will all pay as i seek ma revenge *evil cackle*
[86] <+Mr_Death> cummin <+Mr_Death> Yesss!
[87] <Prime-8> the question was " how much bigger, to the nearest whole number, is Uranus to earth?  Prime-8 checks his anus
[88] Does uranus have an aurora?
[89] Does uranus have an aurora? prime-8 checks his anus...YES!!
[90] <+Mr_Death> It was quite fun tho! <+Mr_Death> butt
[91] <+Mr_Death> Not goin there now, gotta crash any sex
[92] * +CrazyLittleFukka wanders of to fiddle with hisself
[93]  Q392753  What?is?elton?john's?real?name? <Gripe> faggoty mcfaggot
[94] 11(10 Gripe 11) hores 11(10 Gripe 11) Very Happy
[95] <Engel> Gripe had to go iron his pretty dress shirts his gf got him for xmas, just in case she drags him to the opera again. <Bassnik> More like the pretty dress he stole from his gf's house.
[97] <+Mr_Death> In comes the cat... takes a seat on the carpet and while all of us are watching him he takes the nastiest shit ever on the frickin carpet... The noise he made... jesus
[98] 0,4 Q401647 8,1 petula?clark?says?if?you're?feeling?sad?and?lonely?there's?a?service?i?can?render??  10 Gripe 11) blow job
[99] 11(10 Gripe 11) ? ?
[101] * Mr_Death clenches after gripe Razz
[103] <Engel> NIGHT NIGHT DEATH!!! XXX
[104] 11(10 Engel 11) me? im glad i hail from a ancestory of blondes
[105]  <Bassnik> i'd rather have my testicles pickled in sulpheric acid
[106] <~Engel> < FFS bimbo!
[107] <~Engel> hey bassy wassy Razz <&Bassnik> hi engely wengly ^_^
[108] <~Engel> <is a fussy wench
[109]  <Demolisher> i was like (in afrikaans) oi you made me the rong tea
[110] <Engel> check this nick moosh, thinks trivia is a scoosh, even after absconding for a year, now she is back, all we'll see is her crack, as we race to beat mighty moosh
[111]  <MOOSHZ> ta (yes! it really did happen!)
[112] i gotta pee
[113] Mr_Death sings "I like bug butts...."
[114] <&Bassnik> i'll be any kind of slut you want me to be baibee Wink
[115] <MOOSHZ> wot the hell is google
[116] [05:58pm|Bassnik> shame your both ;P
[117]  <Gripe> ooohhh whoseaprettybabyden bassilicious!
[118] <~Engel> i got you i feel wood
[119] <~Engel> poop is shit
[120] <MOOSHZ> oer matron u tryin tae turn me on uber'
[121] * MOOSHZ slaps Uber around a bit with a large trout
[122] <MOOSHZ> uber has flown back <Bassnik> aye, to nest in his own anal cavity
[123] <Engel> diep dips his hunky men in chocolate Wink  <Diepdink> with smarties on top Razz
[124] * +Mr_Death welcomes Gripe to the bearcave Razz
[125] <MOOSHZ> sean connerys pubic hair wuid be nice prize
[126]  <Mr_Death> Hmm, got to find size 13 ballerina shoes somewhere tho xD
[127] * +TWeAk plays with herself rather
[128] * +TWeAk has more time to imagine the pulsating orgasms she created <+jenn08> i dont get any
[129] 11(10 Gripe 11) lube
[130] [09:03am|Trouble> we are daft
[131]  <Brock> u suck!! <blueberry> you like it!!! <Brock> nu uh *cries*
[132] [19:41:06] * +Gruff has a cute anus
[133] [22:44:26] <+Mr_Death> Sooo, what have we learnt today? Razz [22:44:32] <+Mr_Death> be my lover
[134] <@xenophyx> books?  Wtf?
[135] [02:02pm|Loki>  Give Communism a chance! \ [02:02pm|Loki>  Q548487  Country in East Asia, the world's third largest country by area (after Russia and Canada) and the largest by population
[136] [22:36:31] <+Mr_Death> sierra para india novembadfagaefhafha
[138] 11(10 +Demolisher 11) i strike when u expect it the least!
[139] [23:21:33] <+Mr_Death> I'll dream of your tasty icicle Razz
[140] <+Demolisher> AASSHOOOLE! <+Demolisher> phew <+Demolisher> in time
[141] [11:54:46] <+Petrock_> shit i need the loo
[142] <Bassnik> omg.... what would happen if you injected botox into your cock, you reckon? <jenn08> u will explode <Gripe> lotsa limping i'd guess Wink
[143] <MOOSHZ> heavy cocks make ye constioated <MOOSHZ> constipated
[144] [22:27:30] <~Engel> hello Death, did you touch me last thursday ???? if so, it almost worked, ye nearly finished me off!
[145] * Gripe scratches his arse with jenns parrot
[146] <Gruff> I was beginning to think I'd get laid before I got another jackpot
[147] <jenn08> ok guys i am off like a jewish foreskin
[148] <~Engel> slap ye with a dildo! <&Bassnik> baby, you know i love it when you slap me ^_^
[149] <Mr_Death> Wuts a metrosexual?? o.O <Bassnik> is that people who have sex with french trains?  <Gripe> is the ppl doing the helicopter on subways Very Happy
[150] <+Mr_Death> sleaze <+ToNiC> Please
[151] <+ToNiC> Prefer cock myself Smile
[153] oan million wtgs an oan million tas cause am noooooo typin it evra second
[154] <Mr_Death> "Herpes, the gift so nice he gave it twice"
[155] <+Mr_Death> damn me <+AvAtAr> date me <~Engel> dare me
[156] <Mr_Death> Moosh - there is to be no talk about my Barbie collection
[157] <Mr_Death> Yessss, gawd... got a popular saying here "better to keep quiet and seem stupid rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubts" Razz
[158] <&Gripe> vn <+MOOSHZ> ta
[159] <Bassnik> and sayth jesus to john, when the mooshy one is thankful for the congratulations the whirlybirdies will fall from the sky
[160] <+MOOSHZ> penis colony wow im going
[162] [22:36:11] <&Gripe> amanottrading [22:36:15] <&Gripe> baghdad
[163] <Engel> bass? who wears short shorts???  <bAssnik> gripe where's short shorts!
[164] * +ToNiC getz all excited like
[165] <+Gruff> I type fast and make love slowly
[166] <+Gruff> wank <+Gruff> nice <+Gruff> NICE
[167] Gripe is a Dirty Stinking Sinner.
[168] <@Loki> 00,12 PINGREPLY Faery1: 12,08 27.5 seconds 00,12 Im running on: bankai.de.eu.atrum.org
[169] 11(10 Gripe 11) not enuff sex Very Happy
[170] <Bassnik> premature gripejactulation! <Gripe> heyyy, i'm almost 40, i think is mature ejaculation now Very Happy <Bassnik> as in... "fuck! i just griped in my pants!"
[171]  * ~Engel sends letter of complaint.. entitled "typo2
[172] <&Gripe> o <Trident> ah <+Gruff> ha <Trident> oh <+WildThing> ty
[173] <Trident> eat me <+Gruff> erm
[174] 11(10 Gripe 11) dude we suck Very Happy
[175] <+Faery> I gotta work <+Faery> on my bed <+Faery> without moving a muscle
[176] <+Heidi> i lik whips and chains
[177] <&Gripe> ass? <+Heidi> online
[178] <Gruff> I need a blowjob, but other than that I'm great thanks
[179]  <+Mr_Death> I was once caught singing rule brittania tho lol
[180]  <+Heidi> i was caught in my pj's in the office once by an early customer
[181] <+Heidi> sex is really lekkerrrrr Smile
[182] <luvya> brb gonna gag the collie <Heidi> as long as you dont spank the monkey
[183] <Heidi> what colour does a smurf change into if you choke it?  <Heidi> i dunno <Heidi> suppose dark blue
[184] <+Gruff> throb +ToNiC> hob <+Gruff> THROB <+ToNiC> knob <+Gruff> THROB
[185] <Mr_Death> From one of ma fav composers, Yoko Kanno Very Happy <re> japs again?
[186] <Engel> !seen gripe <Engel> didnt he start work today??? <Mr_Death> Gawd I hope he's a trucker now xD
[187] [11:40pm|Mr_Death/#trivia-utopia passes bass ze pom poms again
[188] <taxi> i dont have lines too from smoking. i left my moystache just grow
[189] 11(10 Engel 11) omg, we agree??? 11(10 Gripe 11) yup lol
[191] <+MOOSHZ> all naked vera cold just turned ma ac doon  <+MOOSHZ> oops wrang window
[192]  <Bassnik> im gay
[193]  <~Engel> you light up my lie
[194]  <+Mr_Death> Sticky is teh best imo Razz
[195] <Bassnik> my back hurts Sad <Engel> cool!
[196] 11(10 Bassnik 11) i like whore fly
[197] [13:04:53] <Engel> no more afrikaans, cuz then i cannae be nosy!
[198]  <~Engel> men in thongs, just wrong!
[199] <+Mr_Death> This room is the coolest place there is
[200] <@Renesmee> no i don't fuck  <@Renesmee> i mean i don't ..... fuck
[202] <+Vlammetjie> i'm learning Engel!  <&Bassnik> learning engel? that's a three year course Wink  <~Engel> lol at least
[203] [22:34:18] * &Bassnik comes in 472 flavius. [22:34:23] * &Bassnik has flava.
[204]  <+Mr_Death> We had a bipolar chinchilla once Razz <+Mr_Death> Every time I walked past his cage he winged a turd at me Razz
[205] [20:31] <squirt> now it's "pick-up" central
[206] 11(10 Bassnik 11) so... let's diss finland? Razz
[207] <+Mr_Death> Norway is more like the last functioning soviet state xD
[209] <+Demolisher> lol theres a saying <+Demolisher> um how does it go <+Mr_Death> "if you run and shit you'll have to stand and wipe"? Razz
[210] <~Engel> when i was 3ish i hid under a hedge cuz the moon was gonna fall on me
[212] [23:40:04] <+ToNiC> Its cell c i r c issue im dealing with m d on lu [23:40:17] <~Engel> and youre on the loo?
[213] [00:10:04] <~Engel> where the hell u been? [00:10:08] <+MOOSHZ> black hole
[214]  <+Kali> [73] <~Engel> i will come, giggling  <&Bassnik> it's happened before....
[215] [22:28:03] * +AvAtAr sends Demolisher to the funny farm
[216] [22:33:57] <+Mr_Death> Well, eyelids are xtra heavy tonite [22:34:15] <~Engel> dont lie, u just wanna check that all doors n windows are locked...
[217] [22:31:31] <+Demolisher> back but its 10:30 lol [22:31:33] <+Demolisher> i g2g Razz [22:31:39] <+Demolisher> night all! Bye Death'n! [22:31:45] <+AvAtAr> see you later alligator [22:31:45] <@Loki>  YES, AvAtAr!! got the answer -> See You Later Alligator
[218] <&Bassnik> i'd learn french to argue with french people
[219]  Your?---?is?the?same?length?of?your?nose <+luvya> penis <+MOOSHZ> penis
[220] <+luvya> does that mean we are dirty ol women MOOSHZ?  <+MOOSHZ> prolly lol we veryyyyyyyyyyy sexy
[221] <luvya> cum get me and spread me with vegemite
[222] <&Bassnik> i dunno, how's yr anal cherry?  <@Renesmee> i'll spare you the gory detail ;-)
[223] <+Mr_Death> CNN "police are currently in pursuit of 3 foreigners and a skeleton in a tutu"
[224] 11(12 +Mr_Death 11) Yer, Gripe's got black belt in english tho Razz
[225] [13:12:55] <@loki>  Q859310  Proverbs:?Chinese:?What?you?can?not?avoid,?--- [13:13:12] <+Mr_Death> welcome [13:13:13] <@loki>  YES, Mr_Death!! got the answer -> welcome[13:13:28] * +Mr_Death jumps off a cliff and welcomes the ground
[226] <+WildFire> MOOSHZ slow? <+MOOSHZ> in here not sex
[227] <~Engel> is new word to replace cyber - <~Engel> chag = chatting and shagging
[228] <@loki>  Q880510  the?busiest?muscles?in?the?body?are?found?where?? <+p0ep> vagina
[229] 11(10 Engel 11) i had a sudden, fuck, i need to pee again
[230] <+re> and if u get a divorce u dont afraid loosing your house mr as a snail
[231] <~Engel> "Where do you want to go?" responded the Cheshire cat.
[232] 11(10 Engel 11) 've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams ... glitter in the dark near Tanhauser Gate. All those ... moments will be lost ... in time, like tears ...
[233] 11!10 @AvAtAr touches Random_Ass
[234] <~Engel> yeah, a perky pair of buns is drool worthy
[235]  &Bassnik puts 10 euros into petrock's thong. "buy yourself something pretty, honey"
[236]  <+Bassnik> paint.. my nails! stick them to engels ass!
[237] [17:30:57] <&Gripe> nooooooooooooooo no marriage mam [17:31:05] <&Gripe> neva eva  [17:31:14] <+Cerises> neva say neva [17:31:20] <&Gripe> ofc i will Very Happy [17:31:27] <+Cerises> will bite u in da arse [17:31:29] <&Gripe> ooo wait [17:31:31] <&Gripe> brb [17:31:34] <~Engel> lol [17:31:37] <~Engel> he is off to propose
[238] <&Bassnik> i'd rather be femme arse than 5-arse <~Gripe> an arse is an arse
[239] ~Engel> pussy willow gripe
[240] 11(10 Engel 11) and we dun wanna know what you do with your nujabes, playing or otherwise
[241] <~Engel> i see an ass theme lately
[242] <~Engel> esp the semen ice lollies
[243] <&Bassnik> what about my arse hair?
[244] <&Bassnik> what about my arse hair? <+MOOSHZ> contempt
[245] <~Engel> u got any?  * Bassnik is now known as Analman
[246] <+Mr_Death> Yea, Moosh knows all about my ass <+MOOSHZ> its sooo smooth and soft
[247] <+p0ep> now i can talk about arse too <+MOOSHZ> thats life
[248] <+DrP> my arse is NOT hairy <+Inode> :/
[249] <~Engel> im sorry to our more demure players, but as u can see, the crowd wants ass, and ass we must provide <KwikSilver> hello
[250] &Gripe braids his back hairs and goes to battle
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PostSubject: Re: Channel Quotes   Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:19 pm

[252] <+KwikSilver> 20 cms <+KwikSilver> sore wrist <+KwikSilver> true grit
[253] <&Bassnik> this buggy's got an ass good enough to nosh
[254] <~Engel> who is laffing now?<@AvAtAr> ricky maritin <+Mr_Death> ricky martni
[255] <+Mr_Death> Gripe - fagart? xD
[256] <sharon> who cares ? <Mercury> pretty fast <sharon> help me <Mercury> love me
[257] ( Engel ) i have a dick!!!!!!!
[258] 11(10 Engel 11) i touch myself
[259] <+Mr_Death> a am a weiner
[260] <+Mr_Death> i am a weiner
[261] 11(10 Bassnik 11) so good, it has to go in there twice Razz
[262] <@AvAtAr> you silly shit lil twit of a nit wick
[263] <+decca> Arguing online is like the Special Olympics: Even if you win, in the end you're still mentally handicapped
[264] 10 Engel 11) u hear me satan!!!! i mean Santa!!!
[265] <+Mr_Death> Why didn't my parents name me Gliese 581g
[266] <+Mr_Death> dahling kiss me!
[267] 11(10 +DrP 11) i wanna be a G-String
[268] <+Mr_Death> Whoah, Gripeness was here? <+KwikSilver> he was here earlier - until the girlfriend came home <+Mr_Death> Ack! What could she possibly offer that I can't? lol
[269] <+Intelligent> stiffy disk? <+Intelligent> is that what its called these days lol +Intelligent looks for his stiffy disk <+blueberry> Intelligent you now exactly where it is lol
[270]  <+Intelligent> one flew over the cocks nest
[271] <bassnik> 'my struggle'? 'my ass' would of been funnier.
[272] [01:51:07] <&Bassnik> although, i've had a few ideas for stories past few days [01:51:14] <+Mr_Death> Oh? [01:51:27] <&Bassnik> aye, one about this guy who is obsessed with loosening screws and bolts [01:51:37] <&Bassnik> and nuts and stuff
[273] [02:02:19] <~Engel> what have your nicks been death? [02:02:41] <+re> tuberculosis  plague  etc engel the previous nicks of death
[274] 10 tamarin 11) toothless sex
[275] [23:14:18] <~Engel> bass, change the subject, you are fixated on nonsense [23:15:23] <&Bassnik> i am the lord of nonsense!
[276] <&Bassnik> what happened to you engel? you used to be cool....
[277]  <+Mr_Death> Engel... you're so scary some times lol
[278] <+Mr_Death> Mmm I've been thinking about shaving off this rats nest of a hair soon, I might wait til it gets milder tho
[279] <+Mr_Death> Last time I tried to vaccuuclean up that pile of hair the vaccuucleaner choked lol
[280] <~Engel> so how long do u let it get before shaving?   <+Mr_Death> Usually til I resemble jesus from nazareth lol
[281] <+Cerises> ty im always in and out <+raxxy> dirties <@CaLaMiTy> that sounds wrong Cerises
[282] <+angie005> bleh i sweat i am blonde  <+angie005> swear*
[283] <+angie005> no wonder i stapler the kids pants if their seams are out <+angie005> i did it my way
[284] 11(10 +tamarin 11) i thought a vibarator 11(10 +bassnik 11) that was my first thought too
[285] +Ascavasaion fucks <+Ascavasaion> oops +Ascavasaion> SHEESH!!! Ascavasaion ducks
[286] <~Engel> are u going to take any days off yourself death?  <+Mr_Death> its gonna take a miracle
[287]  <&Bassnik> next points: nocturnal orgasms  <+Mr_Death> I'm not cleaning up after that week!
[288] <+Bassnik> what is the true sign of a narccissist? Someone who calls their own name when they cum
[289] 11(10 Engel 11) Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere, but call it a haemorrhoid when it's on the outside of your ass?
[290] <+Mr_Death> Engel big sis! =)
[291] 11(10 Bassnik 11) it's like staring into satan's arsehole
[292] 11(10 +fmal2520 11) Nancy Astor: "If I were your wife, I would put poison in your coffee."
[293] &mikems> Life: a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
[294] <+Jenn08> had fish with fried lice
[295] [02:05:40] <@Uber> first choice was I wanted to be on the bed with you angelic_baba  [02:05:54] <~Engel> lol what was second choice [02:05:59] <@Uber> her on the coach
[296] <+Intelligent> i just guess well
[297] <@Uber> Hey Engel and ToNiC ;p
[298] [01:16:53] <@Loki>  LoL glad Loki didn't kick me too.
[299] <+Mr_Death> <- the dandy of the north seas Razz
[300] <+Maske> I swear, when bono dies, god will shove jesus out of the right hand position and tell him to go make him and his new friend a cup of coffee
[301] [08:10am|Cerises> i kike her but forgot all her movies
[302] [08:25am|Cerises> nope but im gay are u Smile
[304] <+Mr_Death> Ah well, from what I can tell... whatever hair I lose on my head seems to grow out on my ass lol
[305] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) i want my banana and milk
[306] <+Cerises> my bf wants to take a marker and color the cats white line on his nose in
[307] 22:37] <~Engel> your arse <+ToNiC> Stop leakin dude
[308] <&Bassnik> when bono dies i hope they feed him to starving children in africa
[309] [10:09am|windshear> im better than ok  [10:10am|windshear> but his place is dreary  [10:10am|blueberry> why?  [10:10am|blueberry> i was nice to you  [10:10am|blueberry> and normally i'm not that nice to people Wink  [10:10am|xenophyx> True story.  [10:10am|windshear> oh well please dont let it become a habit !  [10:11am|windshear|PART|#trivia-utopia>
[310] <+Mr_Death> Ceri - doing well thx, just had a shower, shave and cleaned up a little... feeling like a different person Razz
[311] <+ToNiC> Tsunami hit tonic made her gin tingle ting ting
[313] <+Mr_Death> Hmm, whichever way you wish madam =) <+ToNiC> To the left lol
[314] 11(10 10+ToNiC 11) Now to talking long and inches wtf
[315]  <+ToNiC> Squirt fart squart wd death
[316] <+ToNiC> I used to ace it now i base it
[317] <+ToNiC> No one can match engel
[318]  <Mr_Death> Rolled net cable around my foot and pulled it out lol
[319]  <+Ruknroller> lies! Elvis aint dead! <&Bassnik> if he wasn't dead than those things we did to him were against the law
[320] <&Bassnik> and i'm too lady to reformat it
[321] <+ToNiC> Porn ?  <+ToNiC> Who stuffing who <+Mr_Death> Midgets and lederhosen ofc
[322] +Mr_Death passes Tonic horns instead Razz <+ToNiC> Oh damn death wants me horny :-O <+Mr_Death> Mon dieu xD
[323] 11(10 11~Engel 11) xfactor! xfactor! xfactor!!!!!!!!!!!
[324] <+Mr_Death> Ah yea I'm married Razz
[325] <+Cerises> mamma mia here i come again......yeah baby
[326] <~Engel> sooooooo......... what u all gonna do with your edible panties? <+Cerises> i think my bf might take a bite out of them <+Mr_Death> I think I'm gonna build something from them
[327] <~Engel> good action??? where, what?? cerises are u advertising pron again???
[328] * +Mr_Death passes the kiss of death Razz <&Bassnik> more tongue
[329] <+Mr_Death> Wolvie is a homophobe!! Razz
[330] <+Wolvie> stay away from me Mr_Death <+Mr_Death> I'll watch you from the distance Wolvie Razz   +Wolvie covers his eyes with his paws
[331] <+Norrin-Radd> actually id let my boerie hang out all day
[332] +Norrin-Radd strokes tamarin's pussy
[333] [00:46:34] <+Tottiekop> i hate my keyboard [00:47:01] <&Bassnik> i hate your keyboard too [00:47:08] <&Bassnik> it makes fun of me behind my back [00:47:37] <&Bassnik> and i only know that cuz your mouse told me
[334] 11(10 10+ToNiC 11) Lol bass comment was so random i once was motivated he just said. Excellent Smile
[335] 11(10 11@Cerises 11) trust me u will feel a million after u eat mine
[336] <@Cerises> i need to bone the chicken
[337] <&Bassnik> stfu Cerises <@Cerises> make me! and why the fk u outta the bowl again!!!!
[338] i'm gonna stroke your furry wall anyway Wink
[340] <&Bassnik>  i'm gonna stroke your furry wall anyway Wink
[341] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) that's weird, i just asked for max load
[342] <+tamarin> ive lost my voice here <+tamarin> laryngititis <+tamarin> to much deep throat <&Bassnik> sucks to be you ;P
[343] <windshear> well she didint strip and show me her nickers size ... so ja
[344] <@luvya> smells like teen spitit
[345]  &Bassnik fetches the vibrating buttplug of doom +Mr_Death takes richter readings from Bassniks buttplug
[346] <+Mr_Death> Mmmyea, drifted like a dead leaf fallen from the tree and taken up by the wind, knowing not if the wind carried me or I carried the wind lol
[347] [23:05:36] <&Bassnik> you want me to imagine getting caught in the fantasy world of a man who has a thing for small girls in gingham dresses?
[348] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) u must have ural?
[349] [22:37:35] <+Kali>  .K530. KAOS: Disney Cartoon Characters ?  Question Value : 59000 Dandy Warhols [22:38:09] <+tamarin> daisy fuck
[350] <+Mr_Death> There's a song about amarula, was on the charts here for quite a while <+ToNiC> Make me think of elephants humping trees lol +Mr_Death desperately fends off the mental images!
[351]  <+Faery> I have a fairly substantial vocabulary
[353] 11!10 11~Engel looked up at the screen and saw the reaper enter... the master of emancipation, the counter of corpses, the wicked warrior of hell.... none other than the dealer of and titled so... mr death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[354] <~Engel> oooooo ooooooooo i found amazing thing today.. the gates of hell  <+Demolisher> did you meet cerberus Engel?  <+Mr_Death> Engel - something you spotted while working in the yard?
[355] <+kraven> stop advertising me
[356] <@Uber> I love me  <~Engel> that is half the battle uber <@Uber> oh I do <@Uber> at least once a day
[357] 11(10 11~Engel 11) no no, its Lord Grimstad of Deathshire silly
[358] &Bassnik chats very intimately with Mr_Death
[359] <+Mr_Death> Worry not Missy, for I shall manifest myself again Razz
[360] <+Demolisher> talking with mouth open omg how fail of me
[361] [08:23am|AvAtAr> i don't know and i am not gay :p
[362] [17:49] <+Haus_Of_Kool> God <+Haus_Of_Kool> I suck
[363] [22:55:20] <+the_lobe> tendostoinostikovcshk <~Engel> woahhhh, the_lobe just went russian on us
[364] [23:12:04] <+the_lobe> i met my wife on lagnet Very Happy <~Engel> lmfao <~Engel> i read that as, i bet ma wife
[365] <+Demolisher> long ago you had to take away the panties to see the ass, but nowadays you goto take away the ass to see the panties!
[366] <+Mr_Death> Bass - pull me one Very Happy
[367] <+Wolvie> halia is a foxy lady Very Happy
[368] <+Wolvie> you american Mr_Death?   <+Mr_Death> Mmm, not really no xD
[369] <+Mr_Death> *notes this day* something she liked Very Happy
[370] <+Mr_Death> She'll get to steer the ship for tonite lol
[371] 11(10 11~Engel 11) the rest, u could easily decorate to suit 11(10 10+ToNiC 11) Lol i read slut
[372] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 .K619. KAOS: Things you find in a Kitchen ? 12 Question Value :12 52000 sexy smiles 11(10 11~Engel 11) bassnik
[373] <Mr_Death> Ah yea, three ninjas came through the window and tried, but didn't expect me to be Chuck Norris apprentice
[375] 11(10 11~Engel 11) not saying michael jackson turns me on
[376] <+Mr_Death> Is not even a big one Razz
[377]  &Bassnik is a whore in the bedroom and the kitchen
[378] <&AvAtAr> Shut your face, or I'm going to kick you square in the DINK
[379] <+Mr_Death> Here, if you get something in your throat we always say "I got a cock in my throat"
[380] Lord David Fuckington the Sixth was a magnificant cunt of a man. When he wasn't parading around his estate with his magnificant stallion, on the hunt for willing sport, he most liked to spread himself around society with wild abandon.
[381] [00:45:54] <+Mr_Death> Like... you say box... it's boks, box, box... then in finnish it's like yksiboxikaksiyllestaperkelainen lol
[382] [01:35:25] <+Mr_Death> Is a thing we learn in english class here... to never ask for a bloody beef in an english restaurant xD <~Engel> dont ever ask for it in france either death... the thing will get up off plate and moo at ye
[383] 11(10 12GovernmentTAX 11) winona ryder 11(10 12GovernmentTAX 11) i liek to still screw her
[384] 11(10 11~Engel 11) lower half, jungle down there, wth did u think i meant ? :)P
[385] Engel has won 100 in a row!
[386] <+Wolvie> coke on an empty tummy makes you burp LOUD
[387] <+tamarin> wolvie you sexy thing <+Wolvie> im still burping
[388] <+tamarin> a fear of phallophbia <+tamarin> depends on the size of course <+Wolvie> dont worry tamarin, it wont hurt Very Happy <+tamarin> ive heard that before
[389] <+Wolvie> i was gonna buy a ticket <+Mr_Death> What'd you buy Wolvie? Smile <+Wolvie> a fishing boat, beer and whores
[390] 11(10 10+Bi_babe 11) always fake it with the boys
[391] 11(10 11~Engel 11) aye, totally agree 11(10 11~Engel 11) Razz mark that in calendar too
[392] <+Mr_Death> Silence basschild! ;x
[393]  &Bassnik sucks Mr_Death's stiff, pulsating lollipop
[394] <~Engel> give a lil bit of your heart to me * &Bassnik gives all of his heart to engel <~Engel> Very Happy  &Bassnik drops dead from lack of heart
[395] <+Demolisher> Bassnik!! Smile <&Bassnik> no greet for me? you stinking asshat <&Bassnik> that's right, you wear an ass for a hat and it stinks
[396] [23:05:26] <~Engel> ah ive noticed demo become more like xeno every day <~Engel> Wink <+Mr_Death> Mmmyea, Demo is mucho busy these days lol <&Bassnik> only much less attractive
[397] 11(10 11~Engel 11) omg, i think i will have to sit on toilet all day, with the phone
[398] 11(10 12BrANIAC 11) wow WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING NERDS. I have been sitting here reading this shit for over 20 min.  Although trivial and intelligent, you all are just fucking losers, is this what you do every night?
[399] &Bassnik spanks Mr_Death * +Mr_Death moans &Bassnik spanks death harder. +Mr_Death moans louder!
[400]  <MyDocuments> Engel u a  stupid ass wipe penguin head
[401] +MyDocuments> i m going 2 sleep  <+Mr_Death> NIte nite MyDocuments =) +MyDocuments> but first i m gona wank <+MyDocuments> wish me luck <+Mr_Death> Good luck! <+MyDocuments> thanx!! <+Mr_Death> Shall I cry or laugh? lol
[402] DemoBot (ybbot@atrum-tidj3j.isadsl.co.za) has joined #trivia-utopia <&Bassnik> it's demo's slut!
[403] <+tamarin> yes i carry my tape measure in my handbag ~Engel> get it out boys, i got stats to write
[404] [23:45:32] <+Kali>  .24537. TV/ Movies: Who played captain nemo in "20,000 leagues under the sea" ?  <+tamarin> errol flynn [23:45:46] <+tamarin> he had a huge dick <+tamarin> james mason <+Kali>  YES, tamarin got the answer -> james mason <- in 19.124 seconds, and gets 3950 <+tamarin> he had a small one
[405]  <M-netDecoder> my penis cant b all thatttt huge
[406] <M-netDecoder> stupidity <-- demmit <M-netDecoder> i have a cock <M-netDecoder> thats explains it all
[407] 11(10 11~Engel 11) u wouldnt know a good tune if it sung up yer arse and said hello
[408] <+tamarin> pluck my zither
[409] 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) if its any lesbo stuff, can we watch Engel & tamarin?
[410] <+Mr_Death> Did you like my tutu Wolvie? It's all for you Razz
[411] <+Wolvie> just playing bra
[412] <+DoNotKickYet> demm another british agent  <+Mr_Death> Bond, Engel Bond Razz'
[413] <~Engel> u were giving me the eye <~Engel> is as good as a nag <&Bassnik> that was my fuck me here on the sofa eye! <~Engel> i get em confused
[414]  <+eBOOK> i got a lizzard in my pants as well <~Engel> what, cold n scaly?
[415] <+Mr_Death> Engel was beamed down here and took a human form ;P
[416] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) your penis doesn't count as a hard question
[417] <&Bassnik> Mr_Death: have you heard of the g-spot? <+Mr_Death> Bass - that here helicopters land?
[418] <+tamarin> nah i dont like to apoop
[419] <+tamarin> oops i just pooped <+tamarin> silent one <+Mr_Death> Ah well, only the dog around eh xD
[420] 11(10 11~Engel 11) when i was younger, i was in a band, we called ourselves The Prevention, we wanted people to say we were better than The Cure
[421] 11(10 11~Engel 11) i wasnt bj
[422] 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) bj everyone!
[423] [23:59:19] <+tamarin> im sold out of smurfs [23:59:24] <+tamarin> and stock hasnt even arrived
[424] 11(10 12re 11) octave is meter for farts?
[425] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) always type 69 its a good  number
[426] 11!10 10+ToNiC 0,4 0,7 0,8 0,9 0,11 0,12 0,13 0,12 0,11 0,9 0,8 0,7 0,4 Thank you for being just you Smile Smile Smile0,4 0,7 0,8 0,9 0,11 0,12 0,13 0,12 0,11 0,9 0,8 0,7
[427] .78110.  Does Uranus have an aurora ? <&Bassnik> my anus definately has an aurora
[428] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) okay, i'm not hearing a lot of support for the story of ur anus
[430] <+Mr_Death> I need to go check on something... bb in a few <+ToNiC> Its still there death feel
[431] <+Mr_Death> Always thinking of the Nielsen actor Razz
[432] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) limbo apathy awegasm
[434] 11(10 10+Cynic_Wench 11) never say die 11(10 10+Cynic_Wench 11) :p 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) die
[435] 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) then they can be your slaves and be forced to watch you watch one piece forever more in the underworld
[436] [22:49:48] <Cynic_Wench> wheres engels Bassnik? <&Bassnik> gone to the toilet [22:50:03] <Cynic_Wench> oh? <Cynic_Wench> tmi? <&Bassnik> you did ask <&Bassnik> what was i supposed to say? <&Bassnik> she's clubbing seals off the coast of norway? <Cynic_Wench> tht cud work if u lived there Bassnik <Mr_Death> Their toilet is like the coast of norway
[437] <&Bassnik> mista D! mista D! the darkest prince of anarchy!
[438] <+Mr_Death> Mmm, back in the olden days thin was considered not so good I hear  <+Cynic_Wench> u sound like grandpa
[439] 11(12 15+Mr_Death 11) !8ball is bass a painslut? 11(10 10+Kali 11) Mr_Death, It would take a disturbed person to even ask.
[440] [23:49:44] <~Engel> brb pee <@xenophyx> Good! 
[441] [02:56pm|Engel> cocks go back soon
[442] <@Demolisher> Sir! The parrots are sensing an incoming attack!
[443] 11!10 11&Bassnik is king of poo!
[444] [14:28:37] <+Kali>  .108444. QMS is an acronym for what ? [<Marz> Queer menstryl cycle
[446] Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim
[447] 11(10 12Assnik 11) omg i aint an assnik!
[448] [01:46:09] <~Engel> was ma wilf <~Engel> WILF = what i'm looking for <~Engel> WALT _ We are learning to <~Engel> so their WALT was, write magic spell using rhyming words <~Engel> every lesson, has a WALT n WILF
[449] <Mr_Death> I'm having tie kuan yin Razz <&Bassnik> isn't that a form of erotic autoasthyxiation?
[450] <+Mr_Death> Mmm well... I'm not all that picky about my death... but I would at least like to smile my last seconds... and drowing in a well won't allow that lol
[451] <+Cynic_Wench> so ur left handed Mr_Death? Razz
[452] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) muppets prno?10 10+Cynic_Wench 11) i didnt watch tht movie
[453] <+Mr_Death> "a furbelow or puckered flounce for decorating dresses in the 17th century." <+Cynic_Wench> ya, french men..
[454] [23:50:05] <Mr_Death> Could probably do with a stretch too, but too afraid I get stuck in some position xD <Slinky> lol, hopefully not with your head up your ass
[455] 11(10 12tamarin 11) can u belive a customer at this time of the night 11(10 12tamarin 11) i sound like a hooker 11(10 12tamarin 11) shall i put on my sexy voice 11(10 12tamarin 11) lol
[456] 11(10 12Cynic_Wench 11) zygotities
[457] 11(10 11~Engel 11) one dick was banging into him 11(10 11~Engel 11) deliberately
[458] <+re> teachers are like clouds.when the teachers are misin the weather is good
[459] 11(10 10+FireQueen 11) <re> well demo for women, 2 mens are better that one  <--- damn right
[460] [00:48:37] <Mr_Death> Chris Rock said "if bill gates woke up with oprahs money he'd jump out the window" Razz
[461] I unzipped my jacked and pretended to be a flying squirrel on way home Razz
[462]  <+Trident> this is africa - we luckt to get electricity
[463] <~FireQueen> bassnik, fuck me <~FireQueen> I'm bouncing in my chair
[464] +Mr_Death pecks both Bassnik and Engel Razz
[465] +erk kisses Engel
[466] <+MrDeath> I saw this topic in other chan - don't trust anything that has 4 wheels or a penis
[467] Tartuffe Cedric-Balthazar Mephistopheles VI
[468] <+Mr_Death> Anyway, I wanna go to France. Coz they have a Darth Vader burger there now lol
[469] 10 Bassnik hides his shame. 11(10 Engel 11) what shame? u have no shame 11(10 Bassnik 11) i meant my cock was on display
[470] 11(10 11~Engel 11) Benedict Cumberbatch
[471] <+re> santa: my dear boy mr sit on my lap and lets talk about the first thing that pops out...!
[472] 11(10 11&Doctor_Bassnik 11) how did we get onto missing teeth and fellatio?
[473] lmfao at cutyourcockoffsaurus
[474] [01:07:49] <+tamarin> aish i just made a kweef
[475] <+re>  A Vaginal Fart helps stupid men finding the rite coordinations..!
[476] [01:31:29] <+re> im coming in a minute <&Doctor_Bassnik> shit, re stopped in the middle of sex to let us know how it is going [01:32:10] <&Doctor_Bassnik> now, that's dedication to chat!
[477] <+tamarin> what is susliks <+tamarin> someone who susses licks
[478] <~Engel> in scotland, every verb can describe being drunk
[479] <Demolisher> i only got 2 sets of clothes
[480] <+re> proncess is excused not to know the answers. shes from another galaxy.it so natural not knowint our history eh?
[481] [23:51:32] <re> hows the coffee new? <re> Smile <newklear> is ok I have soem whiskey innit though hehe <Mr_Death> Is that what they call irish coffee newklear?
[482] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) call me mrs fucker
[483] <+Mr_Death> Miss Rammstein! xD
[484] <+re> why u could wear socks before? <+Mr_Death> Ah, obviously I kept the same socks for 3 weeks Razz <+re> i bet when u throw them to the wall they could stick on?
[485] 11(10 12re 11)  yesterday me and one friend of mine stopped the car in front of a fastfood to buy hamburgers.i got out to bye them.when i returned i got in the car in a rush coz my friend had parked illigally.and when i sat on my sit i noticed that next to me was another driver!i got in the wrong car!he stared me surprized and told me: sorry! i i have a girlfriend!!and i told him:well then..why r u sorry for?? and jumped o
[486]  <+tamarin> as long as these phantom aches are in ur pants
[487] +Mr_Death pulls a sword and yells Bankai
[488] <~Engel> man this time last week, i was in agony, everything hurt, all sweaty, smelling of smoke, hungry, thirsty, really really thirsty! but feeling amazing, so happy <&Bassnik> nothing to do with me, i might note
[489] [14:21:46] <+Mr_Death> Saturday ok over there? <+re> saturday? <+Mr_Death> lol! [14:22:05] <+Mr_Death> Wednesday! <+re> lol <+Mr_Death> Gawd the weekdays <+re> u must hate your job
[490] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 .K134. KAOS: Seven Wonders(Ancient) ? 12 Question Value :12 56000  11(10 10+re 11) 7?11(10 10+re 11) now its 8 includint the reimnsteins
[491] 11(10 10+re 11) i am apoor an lonelyu cowboy
[492] <@Demolisher> How to annoy someone at night: Slip sleeping pills and a laxative into their food/drink
[493] 11(10 12Gripe 11) whores? 11(10 12Gripe 11) whores 11(10 12Gripe 11) no`
[495] <+re> a party with optimist and not optimist ppl?some see the sausage..and othe optimists the hole..
[496] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) i ain't losing my manhood to rengel
[497] 11!10 11&Bassnik tickles engel's fancy
[498] <+re> hip is? <+re> back or ass? <+Mr_Death> re - ass and runs down the right leg lol
[499] 11(10 12FLICKit 11) Engel, when the guy cals himself Mr. death ~ be polite
[500] +ToNiC takes off excess restraining stuff let the games begin <~Engel> is that code for yer bra?
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[501]  <~Engel> i shall be the one who finds good stuff and never dies tonic
[502] <Vlammetjie> you look stunning  <Cayla> wanna dance?
[503] <@Demolisher> theres a tuckshop right behind us  <@Demolisher> and the oke that worked there looked like a hobo <+Mr_Death> Did I mention that I started a candystore? Razz
[504] <@Demolisher> that <@Demolisher> looks <@Demolisher> disturbing <+Mr_Death> Shall I be blunt? Razz <+Mr_Death> A stretched fetus?
[505] <@Demolisher> ./brag the first heart transplant was done in SA ./endbrag  <~Engel> lol and the patient lasted 18 days, so what are u bragging about????
[506] 11!10 11~Engel to bladder control: emptying sequence completed
[507] [22:23:20] <+Kali>  .K557. KAOS: Top ten things Women look for in a Man ?  <+Kali>  Mr_Death gets 2150 protein pills for:  computer
[508] [00:09:46] <~Engel> omg i must pee, it just hits me suddenly then i have to dance to toilet, lucky there is music playing, or it could look odder than it is about to
[509] <+eu> i put it on my mouth and then pull it out
[510] <+eu> vlam is a a girl with big muscles- chwes iron and shits nails too
[511] [01:23:32] <+Vlammetjie> the clues... give other than the answers ... <+Cayla> you referring to pamela anderson? <+Cayla> her boobs are the duo's Razz
[512] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) i am so horny
[513] 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) growing old is inevitable 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) growing up is optional
[514] [23:16:28] <~Engel> but it wouldnt be fuckin me [23:17:03] <&Bassnik> who wouldn't be fucking you?!?
[515] <@Demolisher> how do you listen to someones butt?
[516] [00:33:01] <~Engel> it is huge!!!!! [00:33:14] <~Engel> 12 feet! [00:33:14] <&Bassnik> honey, i wish you wouldn't talk about my penis in public
[517] 11(10 10+Heidi 11) I am on a low carb diet, now I have to sit on the floor and eat my chocolate cake!
[518]  <+Heidi> kokapee sounds like beer taste
[519] <+Heidi> I hear our PResident Zuma is fighting for his dick-nity and his hap-penis
[520]  <+Mr_Death> Choke it with a pillow Heidi!
[521] <@Demolisher> this script is wunderbar
[522] 11(12 15+Mr_Death 11) cock-radio10 10+Cayla want one ;-)
[523] <+Mr_Death> The water, it burns... be careful
[524] 11(10 11~Engel 11) so death, for being wrong, i ask that u, buck dich!!!!!!!
[525] <~Engel> fuck the fucking queen
[526] +Heidi shakes her boobies like it is 1980
[527] 11(10 12Cayla 11) Traffic officer .... didn't you see the arrows?   Drunk man in car .... I didn't even see the indians!!!
[528] 11(10 10+tosh_mirc 11) brb i need a bear
[529] 11(10 10+tosh_mirc 11) cig rolled, bear opend ...
[530] [22:37:23] <+Vlammetjie> broken <+Kali>  YES, Vlammetjie got the answer -> broken <- in 24.045 seconds, and gets 1375 points <+Mr_Death> ty <+Vlammetjie> lol!
[531] <+Mr_Death> Nah, thought sis was in the bathroom... I do these things... like Jim Carrey sort of, weird charades lol... so I saw her fiddling with some make up... make some weird gargling noise, gritting teeth and waving both hands like a loon... turns out it was a friend of hers standing there lol <+Mr_Death> She was like "hi hi"... and I immediately go "hi" then skedaddle xD
[532] charles the chinchilla <+Mr_Death> Mmmyea, when he wasn't throwing turds or biting ones feet he was showing off his winky lol <+Mr_Death> Sis tried to keep him together with the hamster... but he tried to rape her instantly
[533] <+re> what s on tv honey?       honey= dust...?
[534] 11(12 15Mr_Death 11) Ahh, mine glows in the dark actually11(10 12Heidi 11) I hope your talking about your keyboard Smile
[535] <@Demolisher> and there these two chicks <@Demolisher> and i had to watch
[536] 11(10 11~Engel 11) i have watched a tiny ball go.... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< all day today... from 1pm to almost 8pm.... forgive my eyes
[537] 11(10 11~Engel 11) omg, i just recalled a dream i had other night 11(10 11~Engel 11) it was demo... and he was in ma house... chatting to me... and with big grin he says, i have a gf!!!!!!
[538] <+Ultra_Violet> Mr_Death:  pls check ur pvts  <~Engel> mr death>? are your privates still there????
[539] 11(10 12Cynic 11) did u go on vacation recently Mr_Death
[540] <Mr_Death> I could actually imagine using make up xD
[541] <+Cayla> but a koppie can also be like a cup from which you drink tea <&Bassnik> much like an anus * +Mr_Death sips from the koppie <&Bassnik> dude, get your lips off there
[542] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) i feel like a big dic not mac
[543] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) i don't think you could handle an elephant dick tamarin 11(10 10+tamarin 11) hehe bass wanna bet
[544] 11(10 11~Engel 11) u hear that demo, a betaRazz
[545] 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) uighur 11(12 15+Mr_Death 11) uigor 11(10 10+Discodufasgirl 11) uigur 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) uigur 11(10 10+Cayla 11) wd
[546] 11(10 11~Engel 11) omg something weird is happenin to me, im kinda getting emotional, omg, dare i say it.... proud to be BRITISH
[547] +Mr_Death takes a seat in Engels pleasant and capable hands Razz
[548] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) I woulda been like, "I'm sorry sir, I'm going to have to detain you here whilst we perform a full cavity search. I appears you may be smuggling your head in there."
[549] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) how you doing hemp? ain't seen you around since our little al jazeera orgy on facebook
[550] <&Bassnik> honey and crackers are no replacement for cheesy poofs
[551] <Mr_Death> Wow, that Federer is my age
[552] 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) Ag nee hier kom die Grimmige maaier!
[553] [23:39:49] <+Kali>  .172483. TV / Movies: 1988 - Sigourney Weaver - Starred In This Movie: ? <@Demolisher> gorilla in the fire <+Kali> Times up!  The answer was ->  Gorillas in the Mist  <- <Mr_Death> Gorillas all over the world are thankful you didn't direct xD
[554] 11(10 10+Cayla 11) love you 2 death Razz
[555] [01:09:34] <+Mr_Death> Busty man Smile
[556] 10 11&Bassnik 11) live your life to the full, whatever your life is, and lusting after a different life is no different from wanking over a popstar 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) i prefer to wank over what i've got 11!10 11&Bassnik winks at engel.
[557] 11(10 12Cynic 11) i bought a qashqai 11(10 12Cynic 11) but the gears were faulty after a day 11(10 12Cynic 11) gave it back 11(10 12Griffon 11) Cynic, you know what a clutch is? 11(10 12Cynic 11) *slap*
[559] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) i'd make a terrible hitman 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) i like smearing bodily juices all over my flesh too much 10 11&Bassnik 11) bound to get caught
[560] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 .201301. ALIASES: By what name do we know actor Herbert charles angelo kuchacevich de schluderpacheru ?  11(12 15 Mr_Death 11) herbert lom
[561] [00:00:27] <&Bassnik> tell me my words touch you in places that you wish you didn't have Razz
[562] 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) as they say11(10 11@Demolisher 11) growing old is inevitable 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) growing up is optional
[563] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) woohooo 11(10 10+tamarin 11) rape and penis
[564] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 .K139. KAOS: Things you Can Order From McDonalds (singular) ? 12  11(10 11@Demolisher 11) death
[565] Yellow jawed tommygoff
[566] 11(10 12cayla 11) lol gotta change the points to fraff drops Razz
[567] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) up to his neck in pussy he was 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) of course, he did work in an animal shelter 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) *budum* *tsk*
[568] 11(10 10+Cayla 11) best toys goo, those toy boys ;-)
[569] <~Engel> and now... a complete topic jump, anyone here had a mammogram?  <+Mr_Death> Err that rings a bell <+Cayla> i think D had last week Razz
[570] <g00> know your boobs
[571] <+tamarin> so many men i know have lost a testicle
[572] 11(10 10+Vlammetjie 11) cayla i'm getting some harem panties tomorrow lmao!
[573] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 12Times up! 04 The answer was -> 12 whipped 04 <- 11(10 10+tamarin 11) and chained 11(10 10+tamarin 11) haha 11(10 10+tamarin 11) i like that
[574] 11(10 10+Amanda 11) another one for you engel ... this girl applies for a job in a hardware store, the employer asks her ... do you know the difference between a screw and a paper clip ... the girl says ... uhm no i've never been paper clipped
[575] [14:25:59] <+Vlammetjie> eish it is there! lmao!  bloody condoms everywhere! whahahaha
[576] 11(10 10+Vlammetjie 11) i remember that they did that in the schools with the boys lol!  .. yeh they did it too .. at work one guy once took some of the condoms out of the bathrooms and he blew it up and hanged it up on my desk on my birthday!!!!!!!!!
[577] 11(10 11~Engel 11) well death likes my concept, i know his type.... you might be a king or a lil street sweeper but, sooner or later you dance with the reaper... get down with your bad self!
[578] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) once my daughter went in for her wisdom teeth to be removed 10 10+tamarin 11) thank goodness i was there 11(10 10+tamarin 11) cause the next thing she was wheeled for a bust reduction to theatre
[579] <@Demolisher> Fuck sakes
[580] 11(10 10+Amanda 11) 40 is 18 with 22 years experience :-)
[581] <Mr_Death> What's toothbrush in afrikaans btw? <Amanda> tandeborsel <Mr_Death> It's tandborste here <Amanda> borste here is boobs <Mr_Death> Argh the mental imagines when I'm gonna brush now xD
[582] <&Bassnik> night death <&Bassnik> *kiss*
[583] <+Mr_Death> I'll dream of you instead Bassy Razz <&Bassnik> oh baby <&Bassnik> you make me moist Razz
[584] 8,1 a saudi arabian woman can get a divorce if her husband doesn't give her ______ ?  11(10 10+Amanda 11) orgasm 11(10 10+Amanda 11) it must be law
[585] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) today i went to this restaurant 11(10 10+tamarin 11) the matre d had these tight pants 10 10+tamarin 11) aish man destructing 11(10
[586] 11(10 11~Engel 11) heh, may the force be with you... it is strong in you young death walker Smile
[587] 11(10 11~Engel 11) as a comedian said other night.... even during halloween glasgow is surreal........on no other place on the earth would you see a teenage mutant ninja turtle kick the fuck out of sponge bob square pants whilst dorothy fromt he wizard of oz is eating chips n cheese and shouting, barry, stop that... that is enough
[588]  <+Atilla> i used to wer those old red n blue 3d glasses they work just cant find them lol
[589] Engel wants to be a housewife.
[590] 11(10 11~Engel 11) if i AM greatness. surely the closest you have been to it... is ME!
[591] <~Engel> as far as i have acertained... your nick aint fuckin cinderella
[592] <+goo> dont know any little dicks <+goo> only old ones
[593]  <&Bassnik> feeeeeeeeeeeeef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <+Mr_Death> You've been struck by! A smooth criminal! Razz
[594] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 12Times up! 04 The answer was -> 12 whoremasters 04 <-
[595] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) oh yay, posessions. woo Razz
[596] <+Mr_Death> Mmm, the ladies are busty tonite it seems
[597] <+Amanda> you can't keep away from the boobs can  you Mr_Death ;P
[598] [00:04:14] <+Mr_Death> French tanks have 6 gears - one forward and 5 back Razz
[599] 11(10 12polywogle 11) Mr_Death know all the questions 11(12 15Mr_Death 11) That doesn't imply there's any genuine knowledge behind it tho lol 11(12 15Mr_Death 11) More that I've been sitting here for far too long memorizing all answers xD 11(10 12polywogle 11) thats what i meant Mr_Death Razz
[600] 11(10 10+polywogle 11) 9 degrees 11(10 10+polywogle 11) not too bad 11(10 10+polywogle 11) but im not wearing enough clothes 10 12Wolvie 11) tell us more 10 12Wolvie 11) Very Happy
[601] <+Mr_Death> Wow, the Rammniversary xD
[603] [23:57:48] <+Kali>  .179667. UnScramble this Word: u s s i e p r ?  [23:57:55] <Mr_Death> pussier
[604] 11(10 10+Nunu_Pie 11) right so am i gonna die tonight or what? 11(10 10+Nunu_Pie 11) a demolision man, death himself and an angel in one room
[605] 11(10 11~Engel 11) arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 11(10 11~Engel 11) just needed to get that out
[606] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) she has such limited tastes 11(10 11~Engel 11) fuck u 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) maybe later
[607] 11(10 10+Skiewies 11) o i wanted to tell you Mr_Death, my daughter's friend brought his external hard drive with some movies and stuff one, there is about 300 or so episodes of one piece on there as well, will watch some and see what the fuss is all about ;-)
[608] [01:51:18] <+Mr_Death> I was trained by Trafalgar Law because I'm sexy... right lol
[609] [02:20:55] <+Mr_Death> "to me god will always be that guy who could've made pikachu real, but instead was like "nah man, malaria" "
[610] 11(10 11~Engel 11) yeah yeah, ya minx 11!10 10+Skiewies prefers the term cougar Razz
[611] <+Mr_Death> Yar, and there's a tiny text saying "I do not accept this world, to it I shall always say "No""
[612] <+Mr_Death> "the word is out... better treat me right... because I'm the king of cellulite"
[613] <+Mr_Death> Walked home, shoes went *squish squish* - dad's like "you been in the stream again death?" "shut up"
[614] 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) over the weekend i ordered some cops to make a man lie down on the floor so I could take his shoes off 11(10 11&Bassnik 11) he was not happy
[615] [22:09] <+Skiewies> she eventually ate mr death  <&Bassnik> who eventually ate mr death?!?!?
[616] <+Mr_Death> Thanks Bass, guess I'll need a towel now lol
[617] 11(10 12~Bassnik 11) Will.i.am's new album is called Will Power 11(10 12~Bassnik 11) nobody who has ever deserved to be shot in the face as much
[618] 11(10 12~Engel 11) id say, u cant sign the book, but here is a bit of boob Wink
[619] 10 10+tamarin 11) im wanted in the bedroom thats about it 11(10 10+tamarin 11) and thats not criminal
[620] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) what was the name of those strippers who used to come to cape town 11(10 12Wolvie 11) the travelling Wolvie?
[621] 11(10 12~Engel 11) teaching sux... big monkey balls!
[622] 13/07 2013: Engel approved of Deaths tune
[623] <+Mr_Death> Demo - lol *drop 'em*
[624] 11(10 10+goo 11) did you ever here about the penis fish?
[625] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) shit i cant even find a toy boy 11(10 12Wolvie-Hunting 11) i nearly choke tama
[626] 21:44:19] <+Kali>  .156774. Category:Geography True Or False:  There are only virgins on the Virgin Islands ? <+Wolvie> true
[627] 10 12~Engel 11) The golden moments in the dream of life,rush past us and we see nothing but sand, the angels come to visit us and we only know them when they are gone.
[628] 11(10 12re 11) if i cant see stars i can always stalking neighbours
[629] <Leah> anyone ever use colorbliss products?? ladies? <Mr_Death> Leah - every day Razz
[631] 10 10+Wolvie 11) i wouldnt even take a grenade for megan fox 11(10 10+MCR 11) I heard she was a grenade
[632] 11(10 10+Skiewies 11) either horny or hungry ... so if you see a man without a hard on give him a sandwich Razz
[633] 12 15Mr_Death 11) You got a big one? 11(10 12Wolvie 11) lol Mr_Death, that sounds wrong on many levels
[634] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 .K410. KAOS: , names of the four musketeers ? 12  11(10 12Leah 11) porthos 11(10 12MCR 11) methos
[635] 11(12 15Mr_Death 11) Hot comb is that round thing they make curls with right? 11(12 15Mr_Death 11) piranha - you use one? 10 12piranha_ 11) armpits only
[636] [00:58:27] <+Mr_Death> Need to assassinate a fly brb
[637] 8,1who would "never forget a face but in your case i'll make an exception"
[638] 11(10 12Engelz 11) thank you japan for the adult onesie, i always wanted to see my peers going around dressed like animals
[639] 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) no thrill if there's no spill i reckon
[640] 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) Mr_Death'n! Smile -- 10 hours later -- 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) oh i was still saying hello here 11(10 11@Demolisher 11) then got sidetracked
[641] 11(10 10+Skiewies 11) then we'll never see you Wolvie 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) good things cant be seen Skiewies 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) only felt Wink
[642] 12,8 YESTERDAYS Top 10 - 08,12 #1: 12,08 DiscodufasGirl 1402000 08,12 #2: 12,08 Mr_Death 1100200  11(10 12Discodufasgirl 11) !!! 10 12Discodufasgirl will never forget this moment
[643] 11(10 12~Engel 11) im such a geek, if i aint quoted about my bladder, it is sci fi movies
[644] <+Mr_Death> john pantyhose
[645] <~Engel> i love my song of the week (always better than deaths pish of the week)
[646] <~Engel> hey mr Death Very Happy <~Engel> hugs! +Mr_Death offers an embrace Smile
[647] [22:57] * +Mr_Death pats his wee lassie on the head Razz
[648] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 .K290. KAOS: Tennis Players (past and present, last name only) ? 12 Question Value :12 48300 protein pills 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 1st Hint:08,01 21 Possible Answers 11(10 10+Kali 11) 12 Congratulations, 04You've Guessed Them All !!!
[649] <~Engel> must be cuz u are so handsome u are afraid we pounce on ya Wink <+Mr_Death> The risk is higher you'd turn into lesbians lol
[650] 11(10 12~Engel 11) even played triv today
[652] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 12 Skiewies 04has won12 1 04in a row! Total protein pills TODAY:12 3000000 04 this WEEK:12 5000000 04 & this MONTH:12 10000000
[653] 11!10 12~Engel needs a stiff one 11(10 12~Engel 11) and i mean a drink
[654] +Mr_Death flushes Engel down the toilet Razz
[655] <~Engel> i like coconut <+Mr_Death> I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts xD
[656] 10 11@Demolisher 11) tyrannosaurus rekt
[657] 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) so you swallow then?
[658] 11(10 10+tamarin 11) i get to amorous when i drink 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) i find wine opens the legs more than loosens the tongue 11(10 10+tamarin 11) so my toys will take strain
[659] 10 10+Wolvie 11) first woman in space? wtf? since when was there a kitchen in space?
[660] 11(10 12~Engel 11) fuk yer jazzy drums
[661] 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) tama is like the chuck norris of utopia
[662]  * Mr_Death chimes spiderman spiderman, does whatever a spider can
[663] 11(10 10+Wolvie 11) the name is Wolvie Norris
[665] 11(10 +Saskia 11) My 1st time having sex. I suddenly stopped and didn't move. 10 +Saskia 11) She: "What are you doing?" 11(10 +Saskia 11) Me: "I've seen this on YouPorn, it's called Buffering.
11(12 15Mr_Death 11) lol
[666] 11(10 @Demolisher 11) yoh who's so rich they can gift china to someone
[667] <Mr_Death> Hail thee, countess of Girvan Smile
[668] <Mr_Death> Pffff! See Miss, it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing Razz
[669] To know, is to understand that the question is already answered in its asking.
[670] <Mr_Death> Well, if one's critical one could also say that there's a 1 cm layer of makeup, which probably indicates that somethng needs covering, and that the jawbone would fit well on a ukrainan lumberjack Razz
[671] 11(10 ~Engel 11) bouncy and bubbly??? is the japanese chipmunks for sure! Razz
[672] 11(12 Mr_Death 11) Tama what's the khazi? 11(10 +tamarin 11) a toilet 11(10 DrL 11) when you jump into a khazi....you a kame khazi?
[673] 11(10 ~Engel 11) no worries, anyone messes with death, will feel the wrath of engel
[674] <Mr_Death> Man, people nowadays... doesn't wanna risk getting a whole 10 bucks for the tiny risk of dealing with the russian mafia Razz
[675] <~Engel> Swedes, nay taste in music!  <Mr_Death> It's just too refined for you kilt wearing barbarians to understand Razz
[676] <Mr_Death> No worries Miss, you're still in your prime methinks, may actually be entering some really great years now methinks Smile
[677] 11(12 Mr_Death 11) Ah well, midnight now... time to get some rest I fink 11(10 +tamarin 11) also tired 11(10 ~Engel 11) aye 11(10 ~Engel 11) same here11(10 ~Engel 11) same here 11(10 +Saskia 11) was it something i said?
[678] <Mr_Death> I'd take down that big fence against the neighbour and I'd spend the summers wearing bikini in the backyard Razz
[679] 11(10 10+Kali 11) 08,01 .7590. UnScramble this Word: t a r n m s i a ?  4got the answer ->12 tamarins 04<- in12 14.117 04seconds, and gets12 3700 04points
[680] [23:45:31] <+Kali>  .10790. Demophobia is the fear of ____ ?  [23:45:41] <Mr_Death> demo'n
[681] 11(10 10+Saskia 11) i hate the heat
[682] A Jean de Plessicide de Richelieu
[683] 11(10 11~Engel 11) i mean france, is full of french, so it is shit
[684] 11(10 11~Engel 11) im sure i muttered going thru london aquarium, that someone was gonna end up with their selfi stick up their ass
[685] 11(12 15Mr_Death 11) Better not put your tongue against any traffic signs xD 11(10 11~Engel 11) yeah, i must remember to take a few days off from doing that as part of my daily routine
[686] <Mr_Death> You can't trust pictures and profiles entirely tho, maybe you'll stand face to face with a 4ft crazy mongol who loves Justin Bieber Razz
[687] Pffff, who wouldn't travel across the universe for a coffee with our Missy Razz
[688] 15Mr_Death passes Engel a selfie-stick Razz 11(10 11~Engel 11) i hate fuckers that use those 11(10 11~Engel 11) couldnt even go through aquarium without wanting to ram one up someones ass
[689] 11(10 11~Engel 11) but yeah, im kinda screwed now.  if you turn up one day and go engelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. and giving me puppy eyes 11(10 11~Engel 11) to go to a jazz thing 11(10 11~Engel 11) imma have to go - t. Engel, 20160319
[690] [22:36] <Mr_Death> Had radio on today, they told me they had to shut down that large hardon collider in switzerland

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PostSubject: Re: Channel Quotes   Wed Jul 30, 2014 6:45 am

Thank you so much for collating and posting these quotes Mr Death!!!

Boy do we talk a lot of shit or what? hahaha lol! Love it!

My favourites are the last few on the list, especially Death patting his wee lassie on the head and your offer of coconuts Razz hehehe

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PostSubject: Re: Channel Quotes   Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:43 pm

Hai! Lots of gems in there, can't really pick any favs, I should adjust and format it all a little at some point. Basketball

*Mr_Death slips Engel some coconuts and runs for cover geek

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Channel Quotes
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